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Report Index 2016

ISAP 2016 was held in Okinawa, Japan. This conference focused on the progress of research and development in antennas, propagation, electromagnetic-wave theory, and related fields. At ISAP 2016, there were 638 presentations and ...more

(December 5, 2016)

ACM ISS is the premier venue for research addressing the design, development and use of new and emerging tabletop, digital surface, interactive spaces and multi-surface technologies. In ISS'16, there were 33 oral presentations, ...more

(November 25, 2016)

ISOM'16 was held in Kyoto Research Park in Kyoto, Japan. Various technologies related to optical memory systems, computational imaging, and sensing were discussed at ISOM'16. Researchers from various countries such as Japan, USA, Korea, ...more

(November 11, 2016)

GCCE was held for researchers mainly from Japan and Asia to discuss about technologies on consumer electronics. In GCCE2016, there were 152 oral presentations, 88 poster presentations and 12 demo presentations. I made a ...more

(November 7, 2016)

SPIE remote sensing 2016 international conference was held in Edinburgh, UK,. As an important symposium for remote sensing technology, SPIE remote sensing has been held for engineers, researchers, and scientists all over the world. ...more

(October 31, 2016)

IWoR 2016 was held at Singapore in conjunction with ASE 2016, to discuss about advanced approaches and experiences on software refactoring. I made a presentation that proposes a verification approach and tool for software ...more

(October 14, 2016)

PSE Asia 2016 was held in The University of Tokyo, Japan. PSE Asia has been held biennially for researchers mainly from Japan and Asia to discuss about chemical process control. There were 134 oral presentations and 36 poster ...more

(September 6, 2016)

In developed countries, national medical costs are increasing. It is becoming more and more unsustainable relative to GDP. Healthcare insurance organizations in Japan provide health guidance service to insured persons to prevent them from ...more

(August 4, 2016)

IIAI AAI2016 was held in Kumamoto, Japan. This conference consists of 7 conferences, such as educational system and artificial intelligence not only computer architecture. In this year, there were 271 presentation including oral and poster. There are 23 presentations ...more

(August 1, 2016)

Machine Learning plays important role to tackle the problem that the number of experts is decreasing due to falling birth rate and the aging population which causes low efficient service quality of social infrastructure operated by non-experts. The 33rd ...more

(July 11, 2016)

ICASSP 2016 was held in China. ICASSP is the world's largest international conference on signal processing. A lot of research results on wide areas are presented in ICASSP every year. For example, research topics are not only audio ...more

(April 13, 2016)

ODF'16 was held in Germany. The conference consisted of the session for optical design/simulation, optical components, optical devices, and optical technology. These sessions covered the many fields of optical technique. Hitachi made a presentation ...more

(March 25, 2016)

Automatic speech recognition is essential for robot interaction systems and call center analytics. IEEE ASRU is an international workshop held every two years on speech recognition technologies. Our team attends the meeting ...more

(January 20, 2016)

SII 2015 was held in Nagoya, Japan by IEEE and SICE. In this conference, about 250 researchers from universities and enterprises in the world discussed various types of technologies such as Control technology, Robotics technology, ...more

(January 13, 2016)

INNOV 2015 was held in Barcelona, Spain. This conference is part of Softnet which was organized by IARIA and focuses on network and computation areas. Hitachi made a presentation on a system that can recover from both a small ...more

(January 8, 2016)

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