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Precise Dispensing Technology for Point-of-Care Diagnosis with Micro-Volume Blood NEW

HI-POCT 2017 was held in the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, USA. HI-POCT is an international conference sponsored by a consortium of Point of Care Testing ...more

(December 6, 2017)

Close-up Technology for Lensless Light-field Imaging

ISOM'17 was held in Japan. There were 41 oral presentations and 39 poster presentations given at the symposium covering a wide variety of topics such as optical memory, ...more

(November 29, 2017)

Atomic-Level Etching of Nitride Films: A Novel Method of Atomic-Scale Semiconductor Device Fabrication

The ECS Meeting is a biannual international conference which was founded 115 years ago. The meeting covered various topics ...more

(October 31, 2017)

Parallel-pathway Generator for Generative Adversarial Networks to Generate High-Resolution Natural Images

ICANN 2017 was held in Italy. The Scopes of ICANN is a deep learning including algorithm, application, modeling of nervous system, ...more

(October 18, 2017)

Quantity-distribution-database Compaction with Regression Analysis

GISTAM2017 was held in Portugal. The author presented our technology to maintain spatial distribution data there. The emerging ...more

(June 13, 2017)

Method for Automatically Recognizing Various Operation Statuses of Legacy Machines

CIRP CMS was held in Taichung City, Taiwan. CIRP CMS is an international conference on manufacturing system engineering. The ...more

(June 8, 2017)

Location Routing Problem with Transportation Mode Options

IEOM 2017 was held in Morocco. IEOM Society encourages sharing information in the field of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. IEOM2017 is the annual ...more

(May 29, 2017)

Customer-oriented Rescheduling Simulator for Large-scale Train-service Disruptions

RailLille2017 was held in Lille, France. The conference is renowned for railway field and focused on any aspect of railway ...more

(May 10, 2017)

Business Process Recovery Based on System Log and Information of Organizational Structure

SANER 2017 was held in Austria. SANER is the premier research conference on the ...more

(March 29, 2017)

Deep Match between Geology Reports and Well Logs

CIKM2016 was held in United States. CIKM is a premier interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers and practitioners from the knowledge management, information ...more

(March 24, 2017)

Walkthrough-Style Multi-Finger Vein Authentication

ICCE2017 is the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society's flagship conference. ICCE is co-located with CES that is global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow. ...more

(February 17, 2017)

Sample Design Method for Adaptive Group Testing

APSIPA ASC is a major conference on signal processing in the Asia-Pacific region. A lot of research results on wide areas are presented in APSIPA ASC every year. For ...more

(February 15, 2017)

Near Optimal Assembly Sequence Generation

SII was held in Japan. This international symposium widely covers system integration technologies such as control, robotics, network system, hardware, software ...more

(February 2, 2017)

Risk Management Method for Reducing Loss Cost

ProMAC2016 was held in Australia. ProMAC is an annual international society participated by project managers, PMOs and researchers engaged in management ...more

(January 31, 2017)

Robust Utterance Classification in the Presence of Speech Recognition Errors

IEEE SLT is a biennial international workshop where many state-of-art research achievements are presented in the area of speech ...more

(January 25, 2017)

Domain Function and Scheduling Method to Achieve Safety in Embedded System

TRON Symposium 2016 was held in Japan. This symposium focused on technology for embedded systems, such as TRON series ...more

(January 23, 2017)

Common Platform for Maintenance System with Wearable Devices

IDW2016 took place in Japan. IDW2016 is one of renowned conference about optical technology and applications with about 1,200 ...more

(January 17, 2017)

Lensless Light-field Imaging with Fresnel Zone Aperture

IWISS2016 was held in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tamachi Campus. In this workshop, people from various research fields, such as image sensing, imaging systems, ...more

(January 12, 2017)

Verification of Real-time Use and Application Techniques about Dynamic Geospatial Information in Disaster Management

The theme of GSDI World Conference is spatial enablement in smart homeland, including three main topics of smart disaster prevention, ...more

(January 10, 2017)

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