SONET Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems

Hiroyuki Fujita, Telecommunications Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Kazutaka Sakai, Telecommunications Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Takashi Aoyama, Telecommunications Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Society's diversification and an sophistication in recent years have increased the need for new telecommunication services, such as multimedia services, covering not only voice but also data and video.

This trend is prominent most in North America. Every communication provider (carrier) has experiments underway.

To satisfy this need, a high speed, broadband communication network must be built which supports advanced functions, high reliability and cost effectiveness.

The transmission method that meets these network requirements is the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) transmission system, which became an international standard through ITU-T. This method is called a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) in North America.

SONET is expected to support the communication infrastructure of the 21st century, as it has rapidly become very popular in recent years.

Hitachi, Ltd. has developed products employing SONET optical transmission systems to meet the market needs in North America. Hitachi provides a family of Advanced Multiservice Transport SONET products.

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