Merging of Vehicle Performance and Environmental Safety in Automotive Electronics Technologies

Toshio Furuhashi, Automotive Products Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Shun'ichiro Sugimoto, Automotive Products Division, Hitachi, Ltd
Kinsaku Yamada, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.


The continued global development of automotive technologies is required in order to meet many upcoming challenges. Among these challenges are exhaust emissions regulations to prevent air pollution and acid rain, fuel consumption regulations for combatting global warming, conservation of resources, improved fuel economy, and the establishment of stricter laws related to safety. Not only are these regulations expected to become stricter, but other issues which affect society, such as automobile traffic and resource recycling, will need to be addressed.

Technical advances are also required in order to satisfy the demand for higher output engines, better drivability, and increased comfort.

There exists, however, a conflict between implementing technological solutions to the automotive challenges and the performance which has come to be expected from vehicles. For example, a reduction in exhaust gases often results in decreased fuel economy. New technologies are therefore required to be compatible with current performance specifications.

Hitachi, by applying its accumulated technical knowledge base and significant electronics expertise, is actively contributing towards resolving these issues.

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