COBOL85/Object-Oriented COBOL Programming Environment

Takanori Nishio, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hideko Maeda, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.


COBOL is a programming language which has become widely accepted among programmers developing business applications. Its continuing popularity over the course of three decades is due mainly to the extensive facilities it provides for business record processing, including file processing functions and the ability to handle decimal figures of up to 18 digits. Furthermore, the next version of COBOL, what is now being referred to as COBOL97, will include support for object-oriented programming.

Object-Oriented COBOL (OOCOBOL) is a previewing subset of COBOL97. Hitachi is offering a programming environment for COBOL85/OOCOBOL on Windows 1) 95, Windows NT,2) and UNIX.3) The environment consists of various single-concept centered tools for effective program development, and includes a graphical user interface (GUI) option to assist in the development of event-driven GUI applications.

Tight connectivity with major middle software, relational databases, and on-line transaction processing is a requisite for constructing client/server systems in open environments. Hitachi's COBOL environment not only meets this condition, but also supports various features in its language extensions and file systems to allow programmers to comfortably develop business applications.

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