"KANTAN" Video Image Retrieval User Interface

Kazuaki Tanaka, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiromitsu Takizawa, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Mitsuteru Omata, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiroshi Taguchi, Information Systems Group Strategic Business Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


With the arrival of the multimedia era, opportunities to use video data are increasing rapidly. Because video data size is huge, it is usually administrated on file servers. When using the video data for editing and viewing, first we select it from the video data files in the server.

In order to make this selection easy and visual, we propose a new video handling user interface, and introduce an implementation of this interface called "KANTAN Video Image Retrieval User Interface." This interface enables the user to grasp the contents of the video data at a glance, and specify the replay starting position or individual scenes directly.

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