Power Saving 41-cm Color Display Tube

Hiroshi Yoshioka, Electron Tube & Devices Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Shoji Shirai, Electron Tube & Devices Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Souichi Sakurai, Multimedia Systems R & D Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


The broadening range of software has created a rapidly increasing demand for personal computers. Accompanying this demand, color display tubes (CDTs) for desktop computers have been experiencing developments in the market, which provide advantages in cost performance and in displaying performance as an information display unit. On the other hand, the market requires improvement in display quality and consideration to environmental protection.

In developing a new 41-cm (17-inch) CDT, we aimed for a product "friendly to the environment." We reduced its neck diameter by 15% of that of the conventional type, which has lowered the power consumption in driving circuits for the deflection yoke. This new CDT has achieved higher display quality with lower power consumption and less leakage flux of its electro-magnetic field.

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