Two mega-pixel 51-cm Color Display Tube

Isao Yoshimi, Electron Tube & Devices Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Shoji Shirai, Electron Tube & Devices Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Souichi Sakurai, Multimedia Systems R & D Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


High-performance and low-priced personal computers (PCs) have created a strong market demand for display monitors with large screens and high resolution. Some PCs can display 2M pixels (1600 dots x 1200 lines), which is even better than a conventional workstation. To meet this demand in the market, a 51-cm (21-inch) color display tube which can display over 2M pixels has been developed. These color display tubes use a newly developed high-focus electron gun and a Saddle-Saddle (S-S) deflection yoke, which enables an ultrahigh scanning frequency of over 100 kHz. A dot phosphor screen structure is also used for displaying high-resolution images.

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