Information and Control System Technology for Iron and Steel Plants

Jiro Kumayama, Omika Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yutaka Saito, Omika Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Shohei Fukuoka, Omika Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Masahiro Kayama, Power & Industrial Systems R & D Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Hitachi, Ltd. has developed and promoted an electric, instrumentation and computer (EIC) system integrating the information management and control for iron and steel plants. This system has been successfully applied to the process from continuous casting through the production lines in cold rolling mills, obtaining great improvements in operations (through a single window operating terminal), as well as in the integration.

EIC control components and control rooms, making engineering work highly efficient. However, recent cost reduction requirements are leading to the down-sizing of equipment and an open-system architecture. In order to respond with flexibility to open-system architectures, a cooperating autonomous decentralized system has been developed.

At the same time, a more stable operation and easy maintenance of the system is also required. For this reason, a self-organized diagnosis and analysis system (SODAS) has been developed. This unique system is able to accumulate the knowledge of experienced operators as well as the know-how of the technical staff, in order to maintain stable operation of the system which, as a result, improves the product quality.

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