Hitachi's Object-Oriented Software Systems

Hiroyuki Maezawa, Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
Tadashi Hirose, Information Systems Group Strategic Business Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


As we approach the 21st century, the requirements for system development are becoming a shortening of the development period, a decrease in cost, and flexibility for growth of the system. As a key technology in implementing these factors, the role that object-oriented technology plays is vital.

Hitachi has developed a wide variety of products that implement object-oriented technology. These are not restricted to individual products, but are a more comprehensive range of offerings, including middleware, such as databases or transaction systems; development environments, such as compilers or visual programming systems; and services, such as system integration or training. These are open and realize robust reliability. Furthermore, they are compliant with industry standards in order to provide for future extension.

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