Global Client/Server Architecture of the 21st Century

Shoichi Masui, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Tadashi Hirose, Information Systems Group Strategic Business Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


It is expected that in the 21st century, much business will be carried out on the Internet virtual space. The Internet connects to business points all around the world and will offer not only a path for business transactions but a creative forum for the introduction of new business activities.

The network can be regarded as an ultra-scale information complex of seamless clusters of super-scale heterogeneous server computers connected to each other by high-speed asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks and branching out to large numbers of client terminals. It can also be seen as an accumulation of various kinds of functional objects which perform high-level business processing on each server and agents which travel in the server network to find objects which fulfill given user requests.

This paper describes this up and coming information complex, and outlines the problems that must be solved to realize it.

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