Object-Oriented Enterprise Information System Development Using Groupware

Kahoru Hanaoka, Information Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Toshirou Yamanaka, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hideshige Hasegawa, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Tadashi Hirose, Information Systems Group Strategic Business Development Dividion, Hitachi, Ltd.


The survival of businesses depends on a revolution in management, which requires reevaluation of existing business information systems. The core system has been constructed on a mainframe computer, while the information system is formed by an open client/server system. Neither system is independent, and the biggest problem has been integrating the two systems.

Groupware and workflow systems have been able to solve this problem, so progress in the business process revolution has centered on groupware and workflow systems. Hitachi provides new solutions for business system development including groupware and workflow products and object-oriented software products.

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