Data Center Systems in the Network Computing Age

Nobumasa Mori, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Masaichiro Yoshioka, Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiromichi Mori, Information Systems Group Strategic Business Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiroo Miyadera, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Information processing systems, which have evolved from centralized systems to client/server systems (CSSs), are about to enter the age of network computing, centering around networks. Against this backdrop, data center systems, as the cornerstone of corporate information systems (ISs), are expected to assume increasingly diversified roles.

In addition to the traditional role of the data center to which mission-critical jobs are entrusted, there is the emerging role of intelligent information sharing systems allowing information to be shared and used strategically, a variety of integrated systems for integrating operations, and integrated multimedia systems for multimedia applications. In this context, a more integrated data center will evolve utilizing a variety of computer products, each in its proper place.

The mainframe, long the core of the data center, is seeing an expanded field of usage, as its price/performance is improved and its functionality is enriched with parallel operations and interoperability with open systems. Hitachi, Ltd. is dedicated to offering enterprise information systems oriented to the 21st century, based on its central concept of "Forefront with cyberspace" for the network computing age.

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