Linking an M Parallel Series Computer to External Open Systems

Keiichi Sakata, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Masaharu Iwanaga, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yasuaki Hattori, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Kazumasa Matsushita, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.


As the use of computers has become more widespread, the performance and operability of personal computers and workstations have improved dramatically. Accompanying this trend is the increased importance of open systems which connect such personal computers and workstations via a network. Mainframe systems have long served as enterprise servers for user systems, and have, in addition, supported corporate information systems. In the present age, however, it has become crucial to link such mission-critical systems and databases to open systems for more efficient use.

Hitachi is offering a system which links an M Parallel Series computer to an open system, thus providing an ideal solution to this problem. The objective is for the data center to manage important shared data. The M Parallel Series computer is positioned as an open server, so that important data stored and managed by the M Parallel Series computers can be efficiently utilized.

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