M Parallel Series Computers for the Changing Market

Shuichi Abe, Office Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yutaka Watanabe, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Masaya Watanabe, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akira Yamaoka, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


In recent years, the mainframe is being appreciated again for its importance as a core server in a large system. The M Parallel Series is a new generation of computers based on the M Parallel concept, designed to deliver high performance parallel processing, as well as conventional processing. The key features of the series, in addition to high performance, high reliability, and enhanced availability, include scalable upgradability and support for parallel processing, while allowing continued use of existing M Series software.

In the M Parallel concept, each component unit of processing is called a central processing node (CPN). A parallel processing system is composed of multiple CPNs, one or more High-speed Connection Control Features (HCCFs), and a Parallel System Timer. To facilitate overall system operation, a Processor Management Console has been developed, which orchestrates the processing of more than one CPN.

This paper introduces the features of the MP5800 and MP5600 processor complexes, including the Processor Management Console and the Parallel System Timer.

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