Disk Array Subsystem with Non-Stop Operation

Masafumi Nozawa, Data Storage & Retrieval Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hisashi Takamatsu, Data Storage & Retrieval Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akinobu Shimada, Data Storage & Retrieval Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Due to the globalization and diversification of business activities, there are increasing demands for 24-hour/365-day non-stop services and high-speed processing of bulk data at data centers where the mainstream of corporate information is processed. To meet such needs, we have developed a disk array subsystem, the H-6591/H-6595,1) as the primary storage subsystem of the Hitachi M Parallel Series.

As the disk subsystem for our large-scale computers, the H-6591/H-6595 employs the redundant array of independent disks (RAID) 5 technology for the first time. It can support 24-hour/365-day non-stop operation by its control system redundancy (including duplex) and non-disruptive maintenance capabilities.

The large capacity of the cache memory, combined with its intelligent control, makes the subsystem compatible with high-speed input/output operations. With its availability and reliability significantly higher than those of conventional disk subsystems, the H-6591/H-6595 offers optimum solutions for various needs, including non-disruptive operation and cost reduction.

1) The H-6591/H-6595 disk array subsustem is offered outside Japan as the 7700 Array Subsystem by Hitachi Data Systems Corp., and as TETRAGON 2000 by COMPAREX Informationssysteme GmbH, with its specifications modified to meet the needs of the internetional market.

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