Specimen Analysis Techniques Using Electron and Ion Beams

Fumio Mizuno, Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Yasushi Nakaizumi, Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


This paper reviews present and future trends in analysis techniques using electron and ion beams. The present development of these techniques is being fueled by the rapid growth in the semiconductor industry, which trend is expected to continue into the future.

The semiconductor industry has stated three specific requirements for electron and ion beam analysis systems.

The first is the capability to analyze an area 0.2 by 0.2 square micrometers or smaller while also being able to detect the presence of trace impurities and defects in the semiconductor devices.

The second requirement is the ability to link various analysis tools through a communications network and to create a database which can store data from various analysis tools.

The third is to simplify the operation of analysis tools and to reduce the cost incurred for analytical procedures.

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