Microscopy and Analysis of Wafer Particles Using a Semiconductor Defect Review System

Iwao Yamazaki, Hitachi Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd.
Tsuneo Akiba, Hitachi Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ryuichirou Tamochi, Hitachi Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd.
Takao Kumada, Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Reducing the number of particles and defects during the production process of semiconductors is very important to improve quality and yield. Therefore, many methods have been developed and applied to each production process in order to manage particle generation.

In recent years, the integration scale of semiconductors has reached the design rule of a half micrometer on the production line and deep submicrometer at the R and D level. This requires control for the generation of far smaller particles than ever.

Hence, we have developed a semiconductor defect review system, which reads the x and y positions of each particle found by an optical wafer review system and translates them for use with a field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM).

Using this system, it is possible to observe particles at high magnification (greater than 20000) as well as to find the composition of particles using an energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) analyzer.

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