New High-Speed Electric Cars for the Shinkansen Line

Kenji Kimura, Kasado Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Motomi Hiraishi, Kasado Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hirofumi Tanaka, Design Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hisashi Kondo, Mito Works, Hitachi, Ltd.


JR companies are promoting the development of various new high-speed electric cars for the Shinkansen line, as next generation Shinkansen cars.

In order to satisfy the needs, Hitachi, Ltd. has been promoting the development of technologies for high-speed trains which concentrate much more on the countermeasures in order to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the riding comfort. Hitachi has delivered Series 500 and Series E2 Shinkansen electric cars to West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and to East Japan Railway Company (JR East), respectively.

Series 500 Shinkansen electric cars are the latest rolling stock which incorporate the development of various technologies in parallel with running tests since 1992. These tests were conducted with the experimental train "WIN 350," aiming at the first commercial operation at the speed of 300 km/h in Japan.

The Series E2 Shinkansen electric car is a new type of rolling stock, to be coupled with the Akita Shinkansen Line. It will also be put into operation on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line (between Takasaki and Nagano) which will inaugurate aiming at the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano.

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