The ATOS Tokyo Metropolitan Area Train Traffic Control System

Fumio Kitahara, East Japan Railway Company
Takao Iwamoto, East Japan Railway Company
Kazunori Fujiwara, Omika Works, Hitachi, Ltd.
Tooru Komaki, Transportation Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


The newly developed ATOS (Autonomous Decentralized Transport Operation Control System) train traffic control system for supporting super high-density transportation in the Tokyo metropolitan area has many features, including a decreased load on central controllers; increased operating efficiency, energy efficiency, and safety in station work; the ability to provide passengers with an adequate information service; and a step-by-step modular construction making initiation of independent station operations possible.

The system is a widely-decentralized train traffic control system using computers installed at each station and an autonomous decentralized system architecture capable of individual control from each station.

This system will not only modernize traffic control and station operations but will also automate, based on train schedule information, guidance broadcasts and other detailed services for passengers.

The 30 train stations along the line from Tokyo to Kofu began independent use of this system in October of 1995, and use by the Chuo Line, including the center command equipment, began in December of 1996.

After that time, use of the system will begin in succession starting with the Yamanote Line and other lines.

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