New Operation Management and Control System for the Tohoku/Joetsu Shinkansen Lines

Kokichi Otsuki, East Japan Railway Company
Kazutaka Koda, JR East Japan Information Systems Company
Toshihide Uchimura, Transportation Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Sumiyuki Okazaki, Systems Engineering Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


COSMOS (Computerized Safety, Maintenance and Operation systems of Shinkansen) was developed as a new total system for the Shinkansen operation. COSMOS consists of eight subsystems and about 500 various computers and terminals. The system is a large-scale total system for unifying and managing overall Shinkansen operations.

New functions include train operation and maintenance schedule creation, maintenance work execution management, maintenance car route control conventionally conducted by manual operations, and systemization of overall Shinkansen operations. In addition, the suitability of command support functions and the man-machine interface were investigated, resulting in a reduction in the dispatcher work load and elimination of the central information display board used in the conventional control room.

The system is currently operating on the Tohoku/Joetsu Shinkansen lines. The functions of this next-generation Shinkansen operation management system are expected to be complete when the system is introduced into the Akita Shinkansen Line, and the rolling stock depot work management system is complete on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and at the shunting depots.

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