New Management and Information System Infrastructure for Cyberspace

Zenjiro Kawakami, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akihiko Ichikawa, EC Promotion Center of the Information Systems Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akira Tachigami, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akira Horimai, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.


In industry, a policy of "relationship management," which provides services in response to customers' individual needs, has become necessary. Also necessary is "cooperation management," based on alliances, for the rapid creation of new markets. These can only function if there is a social system infrastructure, such as electronic commerce (EC), which supports sophisticated two-way communication among businesses, consumers and government.

Currently, major new applications are appearing in two fields. The first is "business-to-consumer EC," which includes Internet shopping and Internet banking, and the second is "business-to-business EC." Auction and bidding systems, and open electronic data interchange (EDI), have also been proposed. In the future, there will be more EC applications to make living and working more convenient. Consequently, it will be necessary for business, consumers and government to participate in the development of products and services, and the creation of markets.

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