Secure Electronic Commerce Environment Through Participation in EC Promotion Projects

Akira Tachigami, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.
Akira Horimai, Institute of Advanced Business Systems, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiroshi Fukuoka, Software Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd.
Fumitaka Kamiyama, Information Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Electronic commerce (EC) can greatly change commercial transactions and is a major theme in realizing a highly information-oriented society and stimulating economic activity. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry started EC promotion projects in the 1995 supplemental budget. Hitachi, Ltd. has contributed to the establishment of EC technology through participation in development and verification testing in these projects. Hitachi is also promoting commercialization of EC-related products and services that are centered around the new technologies.

Through participation in 5 projects in which consumers make direct electronic transactions with businesses, Hitachi is advancing development and verification testing. With the EC common platform project, the goals are, specifically, the standardization of communications protocols for electronic payments and the development of a platform for PCs used by consumers. With these goals Hitachi is establishing core technologies for the various verification tests and EC projects underway.

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