New Space-Saving Moving Walks for Installation in Expanded Transfer Space

Chuichi Saito, Elevator & Escalator Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Keiji Ide, Building Equipment Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hirofumi Utsunomiya, Elevator Design Department, Mito Works, Hitachi, Ltd.


The use of inclined auto-lines (moving walks) to enable shoppers to move freely between shop floors, while utilizing a shopping cart, has been steadily rising. Auto-lines have gradually been popularized in airport buildings, event sites, and railway stations for the purpose of eliminating congestion and reducing walking fatigue. They are even being placed close to urban areas. For the two major applications, a compact auto-line requiring a small installation area is demanded for the purpose of utilizing the shop's limited sales area effectively in commercial buildings, while a wide auto-line having sufficient moving space is demanded for transporting large amounts of baggage in airports and other similar facilities.

Hitachi, Ltd. has recently developed two types of EX series auto-lines; the "inclined auto line" and the "1600 model auto-line." The first has a reduced installation area of about 10%, as compared with conventional ones for shops, while the width of the second has been expanded by 33%, as compared with conventional public ones for walks.

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