New Elevator Maintenance System Employing Diagnostic Technology: HERIOS

Hiroshi Kubota, Escalator & Elevator Division, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.
Shin'ichiro Kawano, Research and Development Department, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.


Presently, there are about 400 thousand elevators in operation across Japan that are used by a large number of people, including the aged. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a highly sophisticated maintenance system to maintain the comfortable operation of elevators and to prevent accidents. Consequently, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd. has developed a remote maintenance system (Hitachi Elevator Remote and Intelligent Observation System, HERIOS) to provide a maintenance service that maintains the reliability of elevators and allows them to perform optimally.

The remote maintenance system is also designed to meet user requirements, for example, the elevators must be always comfortable and secure. The system is also provided with a function for observing the operation of an elevator on a 24-hour, 365-day basis--detecting/diagnosing any sign of trouble, analyzing data, and informing technicians of the relevant information. Further, the system reduces elevator downtime for maintenance, and enables a prompt remedy for any type of trouble.

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