Digital Image System and Its Applications

Toshiro Kamiuchi, Ph.D., Information Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Nagaharu Hamada, D.Eng., Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
Nobuo Ikeshoji, Hitachi Video and Information System, Inc.


The Digital Image System (DIS) has been created to preserve, manage, and utilize the information contents of pictures, manuscripts, and documents in digital archives. The digitization of such important documents is part of an international trend toward better information management. Digital archives can be utilized to great advantage with multimedia databases and can make images and information available on a wide scale using computer networks like the Internet. They could facilitate research, promote projects, keep records, maintain an accurate inventory and may even be used to advertise.

It is our challenge to create a digital record that is both visually appealing but is also a truthful archives of the originals. The final results can be output in various forms such as high-definition display for presentation. They can also be transmitted through the network for an even wider audience, as well as be printed on the same material as the original. Through their work on many prestigious projects, the DIS team endeavors to expand its horizon and to apply high-quality image technology in a way no one has imagined before.

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