Multimedia PCs with New Technologies

Hitoshi Suzuki, Office Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Multimedia is very important from the viewpoint of enabling a more familiar and user-friendly PC (personal computer). However, multimedia requires higher performance PCs, because multimedia information -in the form of digital data- is far larger than that of conventional literal information. Consequently, in 1997, Hitachi, Ltd. has provided several high-performance PCs with proprietary advanced technologies for multimedia. They are: PC-based workstation, that displays graphics as fast as UNIX1) workstation; mini-tower PC, suitable for editing clipped pictures taken with the MPEG camera; slim desktop PCs, that have a LCD to display pictures with photographic quality; and the notebook-type PC series, for mobile multimedia use. As a leading company, Hitachi challenges to make multimedia more user-friendly to satisfy the needs of the customer.

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