Sublimable Dye Thermal Transfer Full-Color Printers

Takashi Omata, Multimedia Systems R & D Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Shoichiro Funato, Multimedia Systems R & D Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Kouichi Tomatsuri, Home Appliances Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


Recently, the market for personal computers, digital-still cameras and software for graphics applications has shown rapid growth, and the demand for high-quality, full-color hard copy has become notable. To meet this demand, we have developed the A6-size full-color printers (VY-190VS with video interface and VY-60D with digital interface). These printers, using a thermal dye transfer method, can produce high-quality hard copies very close to photographic standards. The heat compensation method can reduce printing time to just 60 seconds. These printers can print images on both coated paper and plain paper (postcards) by using an adaptive ink sheet. An automatic 100-sheet feed mechanism is convenient for large quantity printing. The VY-60D can be used with MPEG cameras without the need for a personal computer.

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