Health Care Instruments and Systems for the Future

Tetsuo Yokoyama, Ph.D., Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiroshi Takeuchi, Ph.D., Medical Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


The present article presents Hitachi, Ltd.'s activities in the development of health care instruments and systems. The main consideration has been to develop better technology and to offer more reliable and cost-effective products for the benefit of the world and its future under the "health-for-all" policy. Hitachi has succeeded in producing high-quality diagnostic instruments by adapting advanced measurement technology, a field in which the company has been at the forefront for a considerable time.

An example is the automated blood analyzer for clinical laboratories which uses advanced photometric measurement technology. Other developments include a heart magnetism imaging system based on superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) and an optical topography system which uses optical technology for brain function measurement. Moreover, Hitachi intends to expand its target area to include medical information, therapy, and rehabilitation systems. For example, Hitachi is currently developing a health consultation communication system for home-bound patients.

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