Model 7600 Series Module-Assembly Type Automated Blood Analyzer for Clinical Laboratories

Hiroshi Mitsumaki, Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Ryuichiro Kodama, Instrument Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Hiroyuki Kuriyama, Design Center, Hitachi, Ltd.


Medical care and clinical laboratory testing in the 21st century will both require compatibility between their medical cost reduction and quality improvement. Currently, clinical tests are becoming more selective, such that only the necessary tests are ordered in accordance with the patient's needs. Therefore, laboratory testing is becoming more complex, and thus requires several analyzers to handle these situations.

We have developed the Module-Assembly Type Automated Blood Analyzer (Model 7600 Series) which provides an optimized system consisting of multiple standardized modules for tending to the patient's needs. The Model 7600 Series improves the efficiency of the testing process by utilizing two types of analytical module. In the future, the design concept is expected to contribute to total clinical laboratory automation to enhance safety and effectiveness.

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