Hitachi Review

Multimedia Devices/Systems to Enhance and Enrich People's Lives

Volume 49 Number 1 February 2000

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Hitachi Review

Featured Articles

Car Information Systems for ITS
Kozo Nakamura / Ichiro Hondo / Nobuo Hataoka, Ph.D. / Shiro Horii
Support System for Safe Driving
—A Step Toward ITS Autonomous Driving—
Jiro Takezaki / Nobuyuki Ueki / Toshimichi Minowa / Hiroshi Kondoh, Ph.D.
Interactive Wireless Communications for Wider-range ITS Services
—Road-vehicle Communication and In-car Network—
Takashi Omata / Seiji Ukai / Makoto Katagishi / Shin'ichi Yoshida
Semiconductor Products for ITS Applications (PDF format, 179kBytes)
Masayoshi Kaneyasu, D. Eng. / Hiroshi Kondoh, Ph. D. / Nobuo Hataoka, D. Eng. / Yasuhiro Nakatsuka / Masatoshi Hoshino
ADSS: Autonomous Decentralized Service System
—An Agent-based Software Architecture for Large Scale and Ever Changing Information Market Place—
Elliptic Orbit Satellite System
Hitachi Makes a Significant Contribution to the Construction of Secure and Reliable ETC Systems in Japan
Takeshi Horie / Takahiro Saida
Travel-time Measuring System for Efficient Traffic Information Service
Yutaka Sano / Souichi Furukawa / Fuyuki Takamura / Ken'ichiro Yamane
Digital Broadcasting Systems for ITS
—Seamless Service Through Use of Elliptic-orbit Satellites—
Hideji Kondo, Ph.D. / Satoshi Nagano / Satoshi Sugawara / Kimiya Yamaashi
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