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The full-scale utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in actual society, beyond the area of computer science, has begun. Although worldwide interest has been growing rapidly, today there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the true state of AI. This feature issue provides an overall picture of the many aspects of AI, the range of its applications, the depth of the technology,and will introduce innovations that are being achieved by general-purpose AI. We hope this will give you a feeling for how AI provides hope for surviving in an unpredictable era, and for the shape of the future in which AI and people will co-exist.

From the Editor

From the Editor
Kazuo Yano, Dr. Eng.

Expert Insights

Approximate Solutions and True Solutions
Noriko Arai, Ph.D.


Human-friendly AI that Learns from Life
Kazuto Ataka, Ph.D. / Kazuo Yano, Dr. Eng.

Featured Articles

AI Technology
Achieving General-Purpose AI that Can Learn and Make Decisions for Itself
Norihiko Moriwaki, Ph.D. / Tomoaki Akitomi / Fumiya Kudo / Ryuji Mine / Toshio Moriya, Ph.D. / Kazuo Yano, Dr. Eng.
AI Services and Platforms
A Practical Approach to Increasing Business Sophistication
Yasuharu Namba, Dr. Eng. / Jun Yoshida / Kazuaki Tokunaga / Takuya Haraguchi
Utilization of AI in the Financial Sector
Case Study and Outlook for FinTech Era
Kiyoshi Kumagai / Satomi Tsuji / Hisanaga Omori
Utilization of AI in the Railway Sector
Case Study of Energy Efficiency in Railway Operations
Ryo Furutani / Fumiya Kudo / Norihiko Moriwaki, Ph.D.
Use of AI in the Logistics Sector
Case Study of Improving Productivity in Warehouse Work
Junichi Hirayama / Tomoaki Akitomi / Fumiya Kudo / Atsushi Miyamoto, Ph.D. / Ryuji Mine
Utilization of AI in the Water Sector
Case Study of Converting Operating History Data to Values
Ichiro Embutsu, Dr. Eng. / Koji Kageyama, Dr. Eng. / Satomi Tsuji / Norihiko Moriwaki, Ph. D. / Yukiko Ichige
Utilization of AI in the Manufacturing Sector
Case Studies and Outlook for Linked Factories
Naohiko Irie, Dr. Eng. / Hiroto Nagayoshi / Hikaru Koyama
Advanced Research into AI
Debating Artifi cial Intelligence
Kohsuke Yanai, Ph.D. / Yoshiyuki Kobayashi, Ph.D. / Misa Sato / Toshihiko Yanase, Ph.D. / Toshinori Miyoshi, Ph.D. / Yoshiki Niwa, Ph.D. / Hisashi Ikeda, Ph.D.
Advanced Research into AI
Ising Computer
Masanao Yamaoka, Ph.D. / Chihiro Yoshimura / Masato Hayashi / Takuya Okuyama / Hidetaka Aoki / Hiroyuki Mizuno, Ph.D.
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