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[image]Hitachi Integrated Report 2018

All PDF data download is here.

All pages, two-page spread view (for viewing) (PDF format, 4,332kBytes)
All pages, single-page view (for printing) (PDF format, 4,442kBytes)

Each page of PDF data download is here.

Hitachi Group Identity (PDF format, 387kBytes)
Our Innovation History (PDF format, 294kBytes)
Contents / Editorial Policy (PDF format, 56kBytes)
Strategy for Value Creation (PDF format, 830kBytes)
  - Hitachi's Value Creation Model (PDF format, 84kBytes)
  - CEO Message (PDF format, 351kBytes)
  - Progress of the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan (PDF format, 206kBytes)
  - Expanding the Supply of Lumada Digital Solutions (PDF format, 276kBytes)
Feature: Four Focus Business Domains (PDF format, 832kBytes)
  - Power/Energy (PDF format, 185kBytes)
  - Industry/Distribution/Water (PDF format, 255kBytes)
  - Urban (PDF format, 185kBytes)
  - Finance/Social/Healthcare (PDF format, 179kBytes)
Foundation for Value Creation (PDF format, 1,611kBytes)
  - Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer (PDF format, 98kBytes)
  - Human Capital Development (PDF format, 138kBytes)
  - Message from the Chief Technology Officer (PDF format, 139kBytes)
  - Engaging in Responsible Procurement (PDF format, 58kBytes)
  - Environment (PDF format, 385kBytes)
  - Risk Management (PDF format, 56kBytes)
    -- Promoting Information Security (PDF format, 39kBytes)
    -- Engaging with Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities (PDF format, 42kBytes)
  - Compliance (PDF format, 37kBytes)
  - Management System (Independent Outside Directors / Directors / Executive Officers) (PDF format, 617kBytes)
  - Independent Outside Director Dialogue (PDF format, 289kBytes)
  - Messages from Newly Appointed Independent Outside Directors (PDF format, 68kBytes)
  - Corporate Governance (PDF format, 65kBytes)
Results of Value Creation (PDF format, 452kBytes)
  - Segment Information (PDF format, 317kBytes)
  - Financial and Non-Financial Information (PDF format, 108kBytes)
    -- 10-Year Financial Data (PDF format, 70kBytes)
    -- 5-Year Non-Financial Data (PDF format, 71kBytes)
    -- Operating and Financial Review (PDF format, 74kBytes)
    -- Consolidated Statement of Financial Position (PDF format, 66kBytes)
    -- Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss (PDF format, 56kBytes)
    -- Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income (PDF format, 56kBytes)
    -- Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity (PDF format, 60kBytes)
    -- Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (PDF format, 59kBytes)
  - Corporate Data / Stock Information (PDF format, 125kBytes)
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