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[image]Hitachi Integrated Report 2022

PDF data download is here.
All pages (PDF format, 16,096kBytes)


  - Editorial Policy (PDF format, 77kBytes)
  - Message to Stakeholders (PDF format, 354kBytes)
What's Hitachi
  - History of Hitachi (PDF format, 504kBytes)
  - Looking Back on Past Mid-term Management Plans (PDF format, 48kBytes)
  - Promoting Sustainable Management (PDF format, 124kBytes)
  - Business of the Hitachi Group (PDF format, 620kBytes)
  - Global Business Overview (PDF format, 401kBytes)
Value Creation
  - CEO Message (PDF format, 262kBytes)
  - The Story of Collaborative Value Creation with Stakeholders (PDF format, 1,104kBytes)
  - Materiality (PDF format, 187kBytes)
  - The Value Creation Process (PDF format, 155kBytes)
  - Mid-term Management Plan 2024 (PDF format, 456kBytes)
    - Digital Strategy (PDF format, 436kBytes)
    - Green Strategy (PDF format, 924kBytes)
    - Innovation Strategy (PDF format, 644kBytes)
  - Human Resources Strategies (PDF format, 358kBytes)
  - Financial Strategies (PDF format, 323kBytes)
    - CFO Message (PDF format, 159kBytes)
Business Strategies
  - Digital Systems & Services (PDF format, 1,057kBytes)
  - Green Energy & Mobility (PDF format, 1,013kBytes)
  - Connective Industries (PDF format, 1,035kBytes)
  - Hitachi Astemo (PDF format, 1,103kBytes)
  - Addressing Risks and Opportunities (PDF format, 201kBytes)
    - Response to Climate-related Risks and Opportunities
    - Promoting Information Security
    - Occupational Health and Safety
    - Responsibility in the Value Chain
    - Quality Assurance
    - Business Ethics and Compliance
Corporate Governance
  - Corporate Governance (PDF format, 1,083kBytes)
    - Message from the Chairman of the Board
    - Independent Directors Dialogue
Data (PDF format, 82kBytes)
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