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January 6, 2009

AT CES 2009

New “Style-Unlimited” Attraction, Award Winning Products and
Groundbreaking Innovations Spotlighted in CES Booth

LAS VEGAS, INTL. CES (Central Hall Booth 10417) - Jan. 6, 2009 - Always on the cutting edge of design and aesthetics, Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT / TSE:6501, Hitachi) and Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. will unveil their “Style-Unlimited” showcase at the 2009 International CES in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11.

Starting with the perennial question of “what if...?” the Hitachi Style-Unlimited showcase is designed to push beyond the commonplace, break down barriers and inspire ideas. It is a customized experience for consumers who seek a greater range of choice, flexibility, elegance and aesthetics when it comes to choosing high-performance consumer electronics products that complement one's lifestyle while flattering and blending into a stylish room design.

In addition to the Style-Unlimited design showcase, visitors to the Hitachi booth will experience the full power of Hitachi's legendary engineering and R&D prowess, via their award winning products available today alongside a series of technology innovations that offer an exciting glimpse into the future.

Hitachi's CES exhibits include:

UT and LCD Technology
Hitachi will showcase 50-inch Ultra Thin(35mm) plasma TV prototype and the next generation, even thinner (15mm) Ultra Thin LCD display prototype with RGB LED back-light. The LCD prototype is 37-inch screen size, and will use only half the power consumption compared to the previous model as part of Hitachi's overall environmental vision. As Hitachi expands its television line-up, models will feature Full HD1080p / 120Hz panel and Reel120™ technology which allows higher contrast ratio and life-like picture quality.

To add to its extensive LCD line-up, Hitachi will expand its LCD HDTV line-up with mainstream pricing for 2009. The screen sizes will include 32”, 42”, 46”, 52” and panel speed will be 120Hz or 60Hz depending on size. Other features include Hidden Speaker, Swivel Stand, High Gloss Luminous Black Finish and High Efficiency CCFL Backlight panel.

Style-Unlimited Design Corner
Hitachi is presenting design ideas applied to the award winning UltraThin Series and inspiring TV Stand ideas that matches its craftsmanship. High quality finish is applied on the UltraThin Series front frames using materials such as luxurious Japanese lacquer and genuine gold-leaf. The stands made with knock-down aluminum parts and wood board are light, steady, and easy to assemble at home.

DZ-BD10HA Blu-ray Camcorder
Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. continues to introduce state-of-the-art consumer electronics with its next-generation Blu-ray Disc Hybrid Camcorder with the ability to record onto the next generation HD format, Blu-ray. This camcorder has the versatility of being able to record HD video onto three separate formats (Blu-ray Disc, Hard Drive, SDHC) and provides the flexibility and ease of playback and long recording time all in one camcorder.

Ultra Short Throw LCD Projector And Large Venue Projector
Hitachi will exhibit the CP-A100 3LCD projector at CES. This revolutionary model features a very short throw distance, eliminating the problem of presenters obstructing the projected image by standing in front of the screen. Additionally, the CP-A100 offers networking capabilities, allowing multiple projectors to be controlled and monitored from a single location. Hitachi will also showcase the CP-X10000 3LCD Professional Series projector. The CP-X10000 projector is the first model in Hitachi's new 3LCD Professional Series, offering a brightness of 7,500 ANSI lumens and up to six lens options.

Gesture Control TV Interface
The TV interface prototype with gesture control interface allows users to operate a television by simply moving the hand without using a remote control unit. The embedded camera sensor spontaneously reacts to hand motion to turn TV on and off, scroll channels, control volume, and is also expandable to control home network such as air-conditioning and lighting.

Super-Resolution Technology
Hitachi has developed Super-Resolution technology to create high definition images of various resolutions. In contrast to conventional technology, which transforms video of a given resolution to a pre-determined level of high definition image, Hitachi's new technology uses original signal processing technology to transform video of various resolution levels to the optimal level of high-resolution image.
As a result, it is possible to create high-definition images from video containing images of various resolutions on the same display such as in television broadcasts. In additional to transforming SD video to near HD video, this technology also enhances full HDTV (1920x1080 pixels) resolution images to provide even more beautiful, crisp high-definition images.
For more information, visit

iVDR (Information Versatile Disk for Removable usage) is a removable hard disk drive with features compatible with a wide range of applications from AV to PC and an additional feature of Electronic Paper Display. This allows for ultra low power consumption and is indefinitely re-writable.

Clarion, which joined Hitachi-group as a consolidated subsidiary since 2006, is joining the Hitachi booth with their revolutionary Mobile Internet Navigation Device, ClarionMiND. The ClarionMiND combines connected personal GPS navigation and real-time Points of Interest (POI) with Internet based entertainment and full web browsing capabilities. Visit the Clarion at 2009 International CES (North 1801).

About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE:HIT - News) (TSE:6501 - News), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 390,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2007 (ended March 31, 2008) consolidated revenues totaled 11,226 billion yen ($112.3 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, logistics and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at

Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., markets and manufactures a broad range of electronics, computer systems and products, and provides industrial equipment and services throughout North America. For more information, visit

Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Consumer Group subsidiary of Hitachi America, Ltd., markets high-definition plasma and LCD flat panel televisions and monitors, as well as Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and HDD camcorders and LCD projectors, interactive panels and whiteboards and security and observation system products through value added resellers, system integrators, distributors and OEM.

Hitachi has a unique position in the marketplace by manufacturing and developing its own core technologies to provide consumers and businesses with optimal product performance in each of Hitachi's product categories. For consumer and business products, visit

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