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June 26, 2009

Hitachi wins 2009 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Automotive Award

Lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles
get high marks for mass production and quality

[image]Asia Pacific Automotive Award - Product Innovation in Batteries for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (Japan)

Tokyo, June 26, 2009 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT / TSE:6501,hereinafter Hitachi) and Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and other electric vehicles, were recently awarded the 2009 Asia Pacific Automotive Award - Product Innovation in Batteries for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (Japan) by Frost & Sullivan, the California-based international consultant firm.

The Asia Pacific Automotive Award is annually presented to an automaker, parts manufacturer, dealer or other company recognized for outstanding achievement in the Asian-Pacific region's automobile industry. This year's award is in recognition of the innovation represented by the Hitachi Group's world-first realization of lithium-ion battery mass production*1in 2000 and of the superb qualities of the batteries, including long service life, and high output, energy density and durability.

With countries worldwide moving to counter global warming by setting stricter vehicle exhaust emission standards, the market for energy-efficient hybrid vehicles and totally emission-free electric vehicles is steadily expanding. Comparing the lithium-ion battery with the nickel-metal hydride battery currently used in most hybrid cars, the lithium-ion battery is about fifty percent smaller and lighter for the same energy density. Thanks to these features of high energy density, small size and light weight, the lithium-ion battery is viewed as a rechargeable battery certain to be a key technology in the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Hitachi Vehicle Energy was established in 2004 jointly by three Hitachi Group companies, Hitachi, Ltd., Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., mainly for the purpose of developing automotive lithium-ion batteries by combining the electronic and automotive battery technologies of Hitachi with the material and component technologies of the Hitachi Group companies. It has so far supplied about 600 thousand cells*2to automakers and railway companies.

Hitachi and Hitachi Vehicle Energy say they will continue to apply the consolidated power of the Hitachi Group to help preserve the global environment through the development and supply of automotive lithium-ion batteries.

Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery, one of Hitachi Vehicle Energy's three shareholders, succeeded in mass production of lithium-ion batteries in 2000.
As of June 2009.

Outline of Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

Company Name Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.
Representative Hidetaka Kawamoto
Common Stock 75,000 million yen
(Hitachi, Ltd. 65.3%, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. 24.7%, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. 10.0%)
Established June 25, 2004
Principal Office 1410, Inada Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
Business Marketing, development and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, etc.

About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 400,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2008 (ended March 31, 2009) consolidated revenues totaled 10,000 billion yen ($102.0 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, logistics and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at

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