News Release

December 16, 1996
Hitachi Releases 64-Mbit Synchronous DRAMs Operating
at 100 MHz and 128-Mbyte Synchronous DRAM Modules

November 28, 1996
Hitachi, Ltd. and Subsidiaries Consolidated Financial
Statements for the Half Year Ended Sept. 30,'96

October 25, 1996
Hitachi Ltd. Unconsolidated Financial Statements for the Half Year
Ended Setp. 30 '96

October 17, 1996
Hitachi Releases 2-D Graphics Renderer LSI as the First in the
"Quick Series" Line of Graphics Accelerators for the SuperH family

October 8, 1996
Hitachi Commerce Solutions for Electronic Commerce Applications

October 4, 1996
Revised Business Forcast for Fiscal 1996

September 30, 1996
Hitachi Develops Japan's First
XGA-compatible 25-inch Color Plasma Display

September 17, 1996
Hitachi and Microsoft Collaborate
on Windows CE Platform

August 8, 1996
HP and Hitachi to Collaborate
on Development of HP Openview
Network Node Manager on Windows NT

August 6, 1996
Hitachi Launches New
Color Notebook PCs

July 29, 1996
Hitachi Licenses SuperH(TM)
RISC Engine for
Use in VLSI Technology, Inc.
ASIC and ASSP Products

July 25, 1996
Hitachi Expands SR2201 Series
of Parallel Computers with
High-end and Compact Models

Joint Development
of Common Platform for
Electric Commerce Environments

July 22, 1996
Hitachi Enters Workgroup Switching Market With
Fast Ethernet Units Offering Up To 16 "Fat Pipes,"
Built-in Routing, Interchangeable WAN Uplinks

June 11, 1996
Commercial Release of a Decoder
that Implements MPEG2 Video and Audio
Decompression in a Single Chip

June 4, 1996
Hitachi Announces Alliance with FutureTel for
Digital Video Software Development

May 28, 1996

April 25, 1996
Extraordinary Gain and Losses in Fiscal Year Ended
March1996(unconsolidated basis)

Hitachi Releases High-performance PC Servers
Which Realized Multi-CPU with
Highest Speed PentiumPro Processor 200 MHz

Hitachi to Expand Semiconductor Plant in Japan

April 18, 1996
Hitachi Releases 13.3-inch "SUPER" TFT LCD
Monitor with Wide Viewing Angle

April 15, 1996
Hitachi Announces MP5600 Large-Scale Parallel Processor

ADtranz and Hitachi, Ltd. Sign Co-operation Agreement
for Railway Systems

March 19, 1996
Hitachi and Nippon Columbia Establish Multimedia Label

March 11, 1996
Hitachi to Supply Mondex Systems and Equipment

February 29, 1996
Analog Devices Licenses Hitachi's H8/300H Microprocessor Core

February 8, 1996
64-Mbit AND-Type Flash Memory Developed

February 5, 1996
Commercial Release of Two Fast Low-Voltage 16-Mbit Mask ROM products that Support Page Mode

January 29, 1996
Commercial Development of High-Integration ASIC HG73G and HG73E Using Second-Generation 0.35 Micron CMOS Process

January 11, 1996
Hitachi to Strengthen the Elevator Business in Southern China

December 26, 1995
Hitachi to Manufacture a prototype 13.3-inch LCD Display with TV and Personal Computer interface

December 18, 1995
Hitachi's x16Bit Configuration High-Speed 16M/Bit Synchronous DRAM and 64/Bit Bus Compatible 168/Pin SDRAM Modules

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