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February 19, 1998

Hitachi Releases Slim-microtower PC with LCD for Under 160,000 Yen

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the release of two new models in the FLORA Prius PC series that are equipped with an LCD monitor. The FLORA Prius 30 is a microtower system that complies with the PC97 Hardware Design Guide, and is priced at 159,800 yen when purchased by mail order from Hitachi. The other model is the FLORA Prius note 230, a slimline notebook computer. Both models will available from February 28 in Japan, at retail stores and via direct mail order.

Despite its low price, the FLORA Prius 30 has a full range of features and functionality that are directed particularly at the Japanese office and home environments. For example, when used with Prius 30 the special color LCD monitor does not require a separate power cable.

Customers with models purchased between fall 1997 and spring 1998 will be given priority with respect to purchasing an upgrade to Windows 98. All a purchaser has to do is send in the registration card. When Windows 98 is released, those registered users will be notified of details including price as well as how the upgrade can be obtained, and when.

Details of the new models

1. FLORA Prius 30 microtower model
(complying with the PC97 Hardware Design Guide)
The microtower FLORA Prius 30, which measures just 95 mm wide, 387 mm deep and 300 mm high, is sold as a set with a slimline Hi-Addressing STN 12.1-inch color LCD monitor. The LCD monitor does not need a separate power cable.
The FLORA Prius 30 is powered by an AMD-K6 MMX enhanced processor running at 200 MHz, comes with 32 MB of main memory (synchronous DRAM), a 2.1-GB enhanced IDE hard disk, a 16x (maximum) CD-ROM drive, and a 36.6 kbps fax modem.
A 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T network adapter is standard, making it easy to link into a LAN environment.
2. FLORA Prius note 230 slimline notebook PC
Standard notebook PC offers high-speed communication apability
The Prius note 230 is powered by a 166-MHz MMX Pentium processor and has a 12.1-inch TFT color display, 32 MB of main memory (EDO RAM), a 2.1-GB hard disk, a 20x (maximum) CD-ROM drive and a 56 kbps fax modem card.

Pricing and availability
FLORA Prius Series (two types of two models)
ProductModelBasic specificationsRetail
Prius 3030H20FStandard pricing:OpenMail order:159,800 yen
Availability:Feb. 28, 1998
enhanced processor
(200 MHz)
Display:12. 1" Hi-addressing
HDD:2.1 GB
CD-ROM:Max. 16X
Modem:33.6 kbps

ProductModelBasic specificationsRetail
Prius note 230230T16FStandard pricing:OpenMail order:308,000 yen
Availability:Feb. 28, 1998
CPU(MHz):Intel MMX(R) Pentium(R)
processor (166 MHz)
Display:12.1" TFT
HDD:2.1 GB
CD-ROM:Max. 20X
Modem:56 kbps


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