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January 17, 2000
Hitachi Releases SH7622 SH2-DSP with On-Chip PC Standard Interface USB Function
- Ideal for multimedia products such as digital still cameras and MP3 players that can be connected to a PC -
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the SH7622 as an addition to the SH2-
DSP Series 32-bit RISC microcomputer lineup, with on-chip USB (Universal Serial 
Bus) function, for use in multimedia products such as digital still cameras and MP3*1 
players that can be connected to a PC.  Sample shipments will begin in April 2000 in 

Recently, the USB, offering higher speed and commonality with the keyboard 
interface, etc., has replaced such usual interfaces as RS-232C and IrDA (Infrared Data 
Association) as the standard interface for connecting PC peripherals.

The USB interface has consequently become widely used for printers and other 
peripherals, and is also provided in multimedia products designed to be connected to a 
PC, such as digital still cameras and MP3 players, making it possible to transfer large 
capacity of data, including audio or image, at high speed.  This trend has led to a 
growing demand for USB interface support by the devices installed in such products.

To meet this need, the new SH7622 includes a USB function in addition to a high-
performance SuperH(TM) RISC engine family*2 "SH-2" 32-bit CPU core and DSP 
(Digital Signal Processor) functions.  The provision of DSP functions enables audio, 
image, and other digital signals to be processed at high speed, while the on-chip USB 
function makes it possible to reduce the number of component parts and to achieve 
higher system performance while reducing system size and cost.

The SH7622 offers the highest performance in the SH2-DSP Series of 130 MIPS/200 
MOPS at a 100 MHz operating frequency, making it ideal for use in high-
performance multimedia products such as digital still cameras and MP3 players that 
require high-speed processing of digital data such as JPEG*3, ADPCM*4 and MP3.  
The on-chip USB function supports interrupts, control, and bulk transfer, simplifying 
the design of products equipped with a USB interface.

On-chip memory consists of 8-kbyte cache and 16-kbyte RAM, enabling the 
calculating performance of the DSP to be used to the full.  In addition, the on-chip 
RAM can store CPU instructions as well as data to be processed, allowing fast 
realtime processing.

A dual power supply configuration is used, with power supply voltages of 1.9 V and 
3.3 V.  While the peripheral I/O pins use 3.3 V, internal logic operates at a low 
voltage of 1.9 V to hold down power consumption, making the SH7622 ideal for use 
in battery-powered portable products.

The CPU instruction set is upward-compatible with the SH-1 and SH-2, and the DSP's 
arithmetic logic unit has the same instruction set as the SH3-DSP, enabling SH-1 and 
SH-2 software to be used by the CPU, and SH3-DSP software to be used by the DSP.

The SH7622 uses a 0.18 um CMOS process, and is available in three kinds of 
package: a 208-pin LQFP, 216-pin LQFP, and 216-pin CSP.  Development cross-
software and the E8000 and E10A emulators are available as a development 

The SH2-DSP Series lineup will be further extended in the future to support a variety 
of peripheral functions, and development will also continue on products designed for 
lower power consumption.

Notes:	1.	MP3: MPEG-1 audio layer 3.     MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group.  
		MPEG is an international standard for compression/decompression of 
		color moving pictures including audio, such as video.  MP3 is a 
		compression/decompression standard of audio part of MPEG standard.
	2.	SuperH is a trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
	3.	JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group, an international standard for 
       		color still image compression/decompression.
	4.	ADPCM: Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation, an audio 
       		compression/decompression method using differentials.

< Typical Applications >
- Multimedia products such as digital still cameras, MP3 players, and digital video 
- Information terminals such as PDAs
- Printers for digital still camera, scanners, and storage devices

< Prices in Japan >	(For Reference)
Product Name		Operating 	Package		Price in 10,000-unit
			Frequency			quantities (Yen)	
HD6417622F80		80 MHz		LQFP-208	2,700			
HD6417622F100		100 MHz		LQFP-208	2,800			
HD6417622FL80		80 MHz		LQFP-216	2,750			
HD6417622FL100		100 MHz		LQFP-216	2,850			
HD6417622BT80		80 MHz		CSP-216		2,800			
HD6417622BT100		100 MHz		CSP-216		2,900			

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