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January 24, 2000
Hitachi Releases 4-Mbit Low-Power SRAMs Offering Low-Voltage, Low-Current, and High-Speed Operation
- World's smallest CSP package for 4-Mbit SRAM, for use in mobile phones, etc. -
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced three new 4-Mbit low-power SRAM series 
offering high-speed operation at a low voltage, for use in mobile phones and portable 
information terminals: the HM62V16256C/HM62V16258C Series, with a 55/70 ns 
access time at 2.2 V (min) operation, and the HM62A16256C Series, with a 70 ns access 
time at 1.65 V (min) operation.  Sample shipments will begin in February, 2000 in Japan.

These new series use a 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm CSP (Chip Scale Package)--the world's 
smallest package size for 4-Mbit SRAM--that enables user systems to be made smaller 
and lighter.

In addition to providing high-speed data read/write access time and low-voltage data 
retention, low-power SRAMs also enable system design to be simplified as refresh 
operations are not necessary.  These features have led to the use of low-power SRAMs in 
a wide range of fields from telecommunications and industrial applications to consumer 

With the current popularity of mobile phones, in particular, low-power SRAMs are in 
great demand for use as work memory, and for phone number and image data storage. 
This trend has led to a growing need for SRAMs offering lower-voltage, lower-current, 
and higher-speed operation  in line with the lower voltages of user systems.

Following on from the HM62W16256B/HM62W16258B Series and 
HM62V16256B/HM62V16258B Series of 4-Mbit low-power SRAMs currently in 
production, with access time of 55 ns at 3.0 V to 3.6 V and 70 ns at 2.7 V to 3.6 V, 
Hitachi has now developed three new series of low-power 4-Mbit SRAMs offering even 
smaller package size, lower voltage and current, and higher speed.

Using a 256 kword x 16-bit configuration and a 0.18 um CMOS process, and employing 
special circuit design techniques, these new series offer high-speed operation at least 
equal to that of previous Hitachi models, but achieved at a lower voltage--55/70 ns at 2.2 
V to 3.6 V for the HM62V16256C/HM62V16258C Series, and 70 ns at 1.65 V to 2.0 V 
for the HM62A16256C Series.  In addition, the operating current of 25 mA (max) at 70 
ns and the data retention current of 0.8 uA (typ)/3.0 uA (max) are 60 to 70% lower than 
those of previous Hitachi models, enabling data to be retained for long periods on battery 
backup in portable information devices and similar products.

The packages used are a 44-pin TSOP-II and a 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm 48-pin CSP--the 
world's smallest package size for 4-Mbit SRAM--for smaller, lighter systems.

The HM62V16256C has two chip select pins, while the HM62V16258C has one.

The product lineup consists of 12 models offering different combinations of access time 
(55 ns or 70 ns), current grade (low-power version (L version) or super-low-power 
version (SL version)), operating temperature range (-20 to 70degrees Celsius or -40 to 
85degrees Celsius), and package (TSOP-II or CSP), to meet a wide variety of needs from
industrial and consumer applications to mobile phones.

Future plans include the development of 4-Mbit low-power SRAMs with a x8-bit 

Typical Applications
Mobile phones
Portable information terminals
Handheld terminals
Communication products
Control products
Measuring instruments

Prices in Japan (For Reference)
			Sample Price	Power Supply			Access	Current
Part Number		(Yen)		Voltage		Package		Time	Grade		
HM62V16258CLTT-5	1,800		2.2 V to 3.6 V	TSOP-II 44	55 ns	L version
HM62V16258CLTT-7	1,740						70 ns
HM62V16258CLTT-		1,860						55 ns	SL version
HM62V16258CLTT-		1,800						70 ns
HM62V16258CLTTI-	1,980						70 ns	L version
HM62V16256CLTT-5	1,800		2.2 V to 3.6 V	TSOP-II 44	55 ns	L version
HM62V16256CLTT-7	1,740						70 ns		
HM62V16256CLTT-		1,860						55 ns	SL version
HM62V16256CLTT-		1,800						70 ns
HM62V16256CLBPI-	1,800				CSP 48		70 ns	L version
HM62V16256CLBPI-	1,860						70 ns	SL version
HM62A16256CLBPI-	1,860		1.65 V to 2.0	CSP 48		70 ns	L version
7*					V							
Note:  * Type with operating temperature range of -40 to 85degrees Celsius

Item				Specifications						
Part Number			HM62V16258CLTT		HM62V16256CLB	HM62A16256CLB
				HM62V16256CLTT		PI		PI		
Bit configuration		256 kwords x 16 bits	256 kwords x 16 256 kwords x 16
							bits		bits		
Power supply voltage (VCC)	2.2 V to 3.6 V		2.2 V to 3.6 V	1.65 V to 2.0 V	
Access time (tAA)		55/70 ns max		70 ns max	70 ns max	
Average operating current 	35/25 mA max		25 mA max	25 mA max
Standby current L version	30 uA max		12 uA max	5 uA max
(ISB1)		SL version	5 uA max		5 uA max	---	        
Data retention	L version	20 uA max (3 V)		7 uA max (3 V)	3 uA max (1.2 V)
current (ICCDR) SL version	3 uA max (3 V)		3 uA max (3 V)	---	        
Operating temperature		-20to70/-40to85degreesC	-40to85degreesC	-40to85degreesC 
Package				TSOP-II 44	CSP 48			CSP 48 	        

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