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February 17, 2000
Hitachi Releases H8/3802 Series Super-Low-Power 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputers
- Achieved lower cost for systems with LCD display by on-chip high-voltage ports, large- current ports, and LCD controller driver-
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the H8/3802 Series of 8-bit single-chip 
microcomputers for home appliances and health products with a LCD display, featuring an on-
chip LCD controller driver and super-low power consumption, with a standby current of 2.2 
uA at a power supply voltage of 1.8 V.  Sample shipments will begin in March 2000 in Japan.

Recently, health products such as blood pressure meters and home appliances such as hot-
water pots and rice cookers have been coming down in price while offering undiminished, or 
improved, performance and functions.  In the case of battery-operated products, the trend is 
one of longer battery life through lower power consumption, and smaller sets through a 
reduction in the number of component parts.

As a result, there is a growing demand for functions that reduce the number of parts, together 
with lower power consumption, for the devices used in these products.

Hitachi has previously released the H8/3887 and 3867 Series, and the H8/3847 and 3827 
Series, of super-low-power microcomputers with an 8-bit H8/300L CPU core and on-chip 
LCD controller driver.

Now, the new H8/3802 Series offers a compact 64-pin version to strengthen the super-low-
power microcomputer lineup, with the super-low power consumption of a 2.2 uA standby 
current at a low power supply voltage of 1.8 V.  This extends the operating time of battery-
powered products, and makes it possible to reduce the number of batteries used.  At 1.8 V, the 
oscillation frequency is 4 MHz, and the internal operation frequency is 2 MHz, resulting in a 
high-speed operating four times that of previous Hitachi products.

Previously, personal blood pressure meters, etc., have required an external IC for the high-
voltage to drive the internal motor, while home appliances with LED indicators have used an 
external IC for the large-current necessary to increase the LED brightness.  However, this new 
series includes seven high-voltage ports (7 V) and six large-current ports (three 25 mA and 
three 10 mA), making it possible to reduce the number of parts and cut the overall system cost.

The new H8/3802 Series also offers a variety of on-chip peripheral functions including an 
LCD controller driver with 4-com x 25-seg display capability, a 10-bit PWM*1 for motor 
frequency control, three kinds of timers, a serial communication interface, and a 10-bit-
resolution A/D converter.  An asynchronous event counter is also provided on-chip, enabling 
A/D-converted asynchronous blood pressure data, for example, to be captured by the 

The product lineup comprises three ZTAT(TM)*2 models with 16-kbyte ROM and 1-kbyte 
RAM, and nine mask ROM models with 8 to 16 kbytes ROM and 512 bytes to 1 kbyte RAM.  
Three package types--64-pin QFP, LQFP, and DIP--are available, to suit a variety of 

Future plans include the phased release of 80-pin type ZTAT(TM) and mask ROM versions as 
high-end models in the H8/3802 Series.

Notes:	1.	PWM: Pulse Width Modulation
	2. 	ZTAT(TM): Zero Turn-Around Time.  ZTAT is a trademark of 
            	Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan.

<Typical Applications>
Home appliances (temperature display in electric rice cookers, electric hot-water pots, air 
conditioners, refrigerators, etc.)
Health products (personal blood pressure meters, scales, body-fat meters, electronic 
thermometers, etc)
Communication products (mobile phones, pagers, etc.)
Meters (gas meters, electricity meters, etc.)

<Prices in Japan> (For Reference)
			Product Code		Package		Sample Unit Price (Yen)
ZTAT(TM) version	HD6473802H		QFP-64		650			
			HD6473802FP		LQFP-64		700			
			HD6473802P		DIP-64S		700			
Mask ROM version	HD6433802H		QFP-64		300			
			HD6433802FP		LQFP-64		340			
			HD6433802P		DIP-64S		340			
			HD6433801H		QFP-64		290			
			HD6433801FP		LQFP-64		330			
			HD6433801P		DIP-64S		330			
			HD6433800H		QFP-64		280			
			HD6433800FP		LQFP-64		320			
			HD6433800P		DIP-64S		320			

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