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March 23, 2000
Hitachi, Nihon Unisys to Collaborate on Financial Information Systems
- Agreement covers mutual use of solution products and outsourcing services -
Hitachi, Ltd.(TSE:6501) and Nihon Unisys,Ltd. (TSE:8056)announced that they have 
agreed to form a business alliance in the area of financial information systems.  The 
agreement will serve as the basis for a wide-ranging collaboration between the two 
companies that will include the cross-supply of solution products and services and the co-
use of outsourcing operations resources that address the needs of financial institutions and 
outsourcing operations.  This will enable the companies to expand their solutions lineup, 
improve customer satisfaction and expand their business in the financial systems market.

To win out against the global competition, financial institutions are pushing 
forward with structural changes in which information technology (IT) serves as the driving 
force.  Information systems that can be applied to the management issues involved play 
an essential role in expediting such changes, and this is generating a demand for advanced 
solutions from IT vendors.

By making it possible to use each other's business resources in the form of 
products and services, the alliance will strengthen both companies' ability to speedily 
provide value-added solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions.  The range of 
cooperation between Hitachi and Nihon Unisys will be extensive, covering solution 
products in the areas in which each specializes, shared use of outsourcing facilities, 
cooperation on the development of a centralized document processing system to process 
transactions conducted by branches/outposts, and the cross-supply of middleware and 
system building and implementation services that constitute the keystone of enterprise 

Hitachi and Nihon Unisys. have been collaborating since 1999 in the area of 
solutions related to electronic commerce.  The new agreement represents a major 
expansion of this collaboration, which will encompass all aspects of solution operations 
for the financial industry.  Each company will continue to provide solution products 
through its own sales channels.  At the same time, future plans include increased use of 
each other's products and a broadening of the scope of joint development projects.

 Principle areas of collaboration
1.	Solution products and services
	The companies will supply each other with solution products in their leading areas, 
	such as Internet Banking  (Hitachi) and CRMS21 (Nihon Unisys).  The companies 
	plan to gradually expand their areas of collaboration and to strengthen their 
	alliance including by the joint development of products.
2.	Outsourcing services
	The companies will advance their cooperation in the area of outsourcing 
	operations, including the mutual use of facility/system operation services.  There 
	will be mutual use of service center facilities/equipment commonly used for 
	multiple clients, such as Hitachi's Network Banking Center Service and Nihon 
	Unisys  International Banking System Outsourcing Service.
3.	Centralized document processing systems/branches/outposts systems
           In the area of centralized document processing of back-office operations, the 
	companies will provide a total system that combines the systems strengths of each, 
	which include Monetary exchange and seal image-data query system in the case 
	of Hitachi, and bill and note systems and proofing systems in the case of Nihon 
	Unisys.  Future plans include unification of middleware and a seamlessly 
	centralized documents processing system.  At the same time, with respect to 
	branches/outposts systems, the present product supply agreement will be 
4.	Middleware products/Systems engineering services 
	Open middleware products are a key component of solutions for the financial 
	industry.  Hitachi and Nihon Unisys will provide each other with these products, 
	and at the same time will collaborate in the area of systems engineering services 
	in order to provide customers in the above sector with solutions offering higher 
	added value.

Hitachi's "Solutionmax for Finance" is a family of solutions products and services 
designed to help financial institutions that respond to the financial industry's "Big Bang." 
 Solutionmax for Finance is based on "Hub&Spoke,"  architecture that provides a flexible 
way of building systems able to integrate and consolidate all of an organization's various 
systems.  Solutionmax for Finance offers a total solution for the age of the Internet, one 
that includes outsourcing services and the implementation of systems for supporting the 
channel and product strategies of financial industry corporations.

Nihon Unisys has  been serving  corperate  customers  for many years providing 
solutions that help customers resolve  their business issues.  As " a Solutions Creators", 
Nihon Unisys  has been  offering various financial solutions based on its  "Financial 
Square21" concept. and the company continues to  better serve customers to meet with 
their needs and wants leveraging its procurement  capabilities and integration expertise. 

Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world's leading global 
electronics companies, with fiscal 1998 (ended March 31, 1999) consolidated sales of 
7,977 billion yen ($65.9 billion*).  The company manufactures and markets a wide 
range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and 
power and industrial equipment. For more information on Hitachi, Ltd., please visit 
Hitachi's Web site at http://www.hitachi.co.jp.
* At an exchange rate of 121 yen to the dollar.

Nihon Unisys, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1958 as a  joint 
venture of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Unisys Corp. with fiscal year 1998 Non-
consolidated sales (ending March 31, 1999) of 296.5 billion yen. The company 
provides products and services, including mainframe computers, servers, personal 
computers, software, system  and network related services.

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