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March 30, 2000
Hitachi Releases 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller with CAN In-Vehicle LAN Standard Compatibility
-- Single-chip implementation for motor control functions of automobile power-steering etc. --
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced, as an addition to the H8S Series of top-end 16-bit 
microcomputers, the H8S/2612F F-ZTAT(TM)*1 microcomputer with an on-chip controller area network 
(CAN*2: in-vehicle LAN standard) interface and 128-kbyte flash memory.  Sample shipments will begin on 
June 30, 2000 in Japan.

The current trend in in-vehicle equipment, FA, and other industrial equipment control fields is away from 
networks using conventional serial communication and toward CANs with their features of high speed and 
high reliability.  At the same time, to shorten end-product development times, there is a growing demand 
for microcomputers with on-chip flash memory that allows easy modification of control programs and data.

Following on from the H8S/2623F and 2626F, and the H8S/2646F and 2636F, previously released as 16-bit 
microcomputers with an on-chip CAN interface and flash memory for automotive equipment, Hitachi is 
now strengthening the lineup with the addition of the H8S/2612F, incorporating peripheral functions such 
as motor management timer, necessary for automobile power-steering motor control, on a single chip.

The H8S/2612F employs a 0.35 um CMOS process, has an H8S/2600 (Hitachi's highest-performance 16-
bit microcontroller) CPU core, and includes an on-chip Hitachi controller area network (HCAN*3), 
enabling fast and reliable communication to be achieved.  Also provided is 128-kbyte on-chip flash 
memory that can be erased and programmed in ten large and small block units to allow writing of 
adjustment data when the system is shipped. 

Whereas the previous models used two power supplies---5 V for I/O ports and 3 V for internal logic---the 
H8S/2612F achieves single 5 V power supply operation through the use of a step-down circuit.  The use of 
a stepped-down power supply by the internal logic circuits reduces both power consumption and noise.

The comprehensive range of on-chip peripheral functions also includes a data transfer controller (DTC)*4 
capable of interrupt-initiated DMA transfer, a PLL*5 oscillation circuit with a maximum x4 multiplication 
capability, a serial communication interface, 16-bit timer, watchdog timer, and 10-bit A/D converter.
In addition, an on-chip motor management timer outputs 6-phase non-overlap PWM waveforms for motor 
control, for use in automobile power-steering, industrial machinery inverters, and so forth.  Combined use 
with the CPU and DTC offers fast and highly accurate motor control, and enables a high-performance 
system to be implemented.

The H8S/2612F package is an 80-pin QFP---the first for automotive equipment applications---capable of 
meeting a wide variety of user needs.
Notes:	1. F-ZTAT(TM) (Flexible Zero Turn-Around Time) is a trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
	2. CAN: Controller area network.  A network specification for use in vehicles, proposed by 
	   Robert Bosch Gmbh of Germany.
	3. HCAN: Hitachi controller area network.  A CAN compliant with the Bosch CAN Ver. 2.0B 
	   active specification.  Features FULL CAN support and a 16-message buffer.
	4. DTC (data transfer controller): The DTC is started by an interrupt, and can perform data 
	   transfer instead of the CPU.  Transfer information is located in internal RAM, enabling a 
	   greater number of channels to be used.
	5. PLL: Phase-locked loop 

< Development Environment >
The C compiler, assembler, linkage editor, librarian, simulators, debuggers, etc. for H8S series, can be used 
as the user software development environment on widely used personal computers and workstations.  In 
addition, a variety of emulators, including the E6000 realtime simulator, are available as hardware support 

< Typical Applications >
- Automotive: Power-steering
- Industrial: FA, NC

< Price in Japan >   (For Reference)
Product Code			Package		Sample Price (Yen)
H8S/2612F	   HD64F2612F	      QFP-80		2,100                 

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