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April 10, 2000
Hitachi Releases Industry's First 128-Mbyte Micro DIMMs
-Large Capacity in a Small Package,
for Sub-Notebook PC Expansion Memory
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the HB52RD168GB Series of 144-pin Micro 
DIMMs*1, offering an industry-first 128-Mbyte capacity, for use as expansion memory in 
sub-notebook PCs.  Sample shipments will begin in April 2000 in Japan.

This new series employs the world's smallest class of 64-Mbit synchronous DRAMs 
(SDRAMs) and TCP*2 stacked-mounting technology with two TCPs to achieve the first 
Micro DIMMs with a 128-Mbyte capacity.  Also being released are PC100 compatible  
64-Mbyte HB52D88GB Series and 32-Mbyte HB52D48GB Series, with the same date of 
April 2000 for initial sample shipments in Japan.

With the recent explosive growth in memory capacity requirements for PC operating 
systems and application software, large main and expansion memory capacities have also 
become essential for sub-notebook PCs.  At the same time, the demanding space-saving 
requirements of sub-notebook PCs have led to the release of miniaturized 144-pin Micro 
DIMMs (external dimensions: 38.0 mm  30.0 mm,  3.8 mm) which is about  2/3 
surface area of SO DIMMs*3 (external dimensions: 67.6 mm  25.4 mm,  3.8 mm).  
Following on from the previously released PC66-compatible 64-Mbyte and 32-Mbyte 
Micro DIMMs, Hitachi has now developed the HB52RD168GB Series of 128-Mbyte 
Micro DIMMs to meet the demand for greater capacity.

In the new series, the use of 64-Mbit SDRAMs with a chip size of 38 mm2-the world's 
smallest class?and proprietary TCP stacked-mounting technology with two TCPs has 
made it possible to mount a total of 16 chips on the two board surfaces, and so achieve 
the industry's first 128-Mbyte MicroDIMM.

The concurrently released 64-Mbyte HB52D88GB Series incorporates four DDPs*4 with 
two 64-Mbit SDRAM chips stacked as 128-Mbit SDRAM, while the 32-Mbyte 
HB52D48GB Series uses four 64-Mbit SDRAMs.

These three series all  feature a 64-bit configuration, 3.3 V power supply voltage, and 
PC100  (CAS Latency : 2, 3 ) compatibility, and low-current specification products are 
also available, for a total of 12 models with various combinations of features.  The pin 
arrangement is identical to that of 144-pin SO DIMMs, but the pin pitch has been 
decreased to 0.5 mm.

Future plans include the development of even larger-capacity 256-Mbyte models, and 
also dual-bank models offering lower power consumption.
Notes:	1.	DIMM: Dual Inline Memory Module
	2.	TCP: Tape Carrier Package
	3.	SO DIMM: Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
	4.	DDP: DDP is short for the Double Density Package (with two chips mounted 
    in a single TSOP package)

< Typical Applications >
 Expansion memory or main memory for sub-notebook PCs

< Prices in Japan > (For Reference)

Part Number           Memory Capacity        Sample Price (Yen)
HB52RD168GB Series    128 Mbytes             39,000            
HB52D88GB Series      64 Mbytes              15,600            
HB52D48GB Series      32 Mbytes              8,400             
< Specifications >
ItemHB52RD168GB SeriesHB52D88GB SeriesHB52D48GB Series
Memory capacity128 Mbytes64 Mbytes32 Mbytes
Bit configuration16 M648 M644 M64
Bank configuration1 bank1 bank1 bank
Operating frequencyPC100
(CL= 2, 3 )
(CL= 2, 3 )
(CL= 2, 3 )
Power supply voltage3.3V+/- 0.3V3.3V+/- 0.3V3.3V+/- 0.3V
Operating current (Icc1)960 mA480 mA260 mA
Standby current (Icc2ps)16 mA8 mA4 mA
Package144-pin MicroDIMM144-pin MicroDIMM144-pin MicroDIMM
External dimensions38.0 mm30.0 mm3.8 mm38.0 mm30.0 mm3.8 mm38.0 mm30.0 mm3.8 mm

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