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May 9, 2000
Hitachi Releases Industry's First x32-Bit-Configuration
Small 128-Mbit Synchronous DRAM
- Area approximately half that of a TSOP package enables space saving in digital still cameras and similar portable digital products -
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the HM5212325FBPC 128-Mbit synchronous 
DRAM (SDRAM), featuring a x32-bit configuration and small size, for use as buffer 
memory or main memory in digital still cameras and similar portable digital products.  
Sample shipments will begin in May 2000 in Japan.

In the HM5212325FBPC, a x32-bit configuration is achieved by mounting two Hitachi 64-
Mbit SDRAMs, ranking among the world's smallest, in an MC-FBGA*1 package-a newly 
developed small, thin BGA package of Hitachi.  As well as providing compatibility with a 
32-bit system bus width, this has also reduced the area to approximately half that of a 
standard TSOP package, offering space saving in the end product.

With the rapid growth of the market for digital still cameras, PDAs, and other portable 
digital products in recent years, the capacity of the SDRAMs incorporated in such products 
has also increased to 16 or 32 Mbytes.  At the same time, the advent of a 32-bit system bus 
width means that at least two x16-bit-configuration SDRAMs or four x8-bit-configuration 
SDRAMs must be used per system.

Against this backdrop, Hitachi already developed a "multi chip package" with a number of 
LSI chips mounted in a single package, and released x64- and x32-bit-configuration 256-
Mbit SDRAMs with four 64-Mbit SDRAMs mounted in a BGA package, and also a x32-
bit-configuration 128-Mbit SDRAM with two 64-Mbit SDRAMs mounted in a BGA 
package in June 1999.  These devices have proved popular in the portable digital product 
and telecommunication product markets.  However, in portable digital applications such as 
digital still cameras where portability is of prime importance, demand has grown for still 
smaller and thinner packages.

In response to this demand, Hitachi has now developed the HM5212325FBPC 128-Mbit 
SDRAM, offering a x32-bit configuration in approximately half the area of a TSOP 

The newly developed MC-FBGA package has been made smaller and thinner, with 
dimensions of 10.0 mm x 13.0 mm x 1.45 mm (max.), through the use of new techniques 
such as reducing the PCB(Printed Circuit Board) thickness.  With two Hitachi 64-Mbit 
SDRAM chips mounted to achieve a x32-bit configuration, a single HM5212325FBPC can 
provide a memory system with a 32-bit bus width and a 16M-byte (128-Mbit) capacity 
suitable for digital still cameras and similar products.  As a similar memory system 
configured with conventional TSOP packages requires two 64-Mbit SDRAMs (x16), use of 
the HM5212325FBPC enables system size to be reduced to approximately 1/4 by area and 
1/3 by volume.  In addition, for applications requiring product expansion to a larger 
capacity of 256 Mbits, providing a two-package footprint in advance will allow a 256-Mbit 
(x32 or x64) capacity to be achieved in virtually the same space as a single TSOP.

The power supply voltage is 3.3 V, for PC100 compatibility.  The package conforms to the 
JEDEC standard 90-pin BGA package, with a 0.8 mm ball pitch and 0.45 mm ball diameter.  
Unlike current CSP packages*2, the silicon surface of the chip is not exposed, allowing 
easier handling.

Future plans include the development of high-speed products, including PC133-compatible 
models, as well as low current specification and 2.5 V operation products.  Extension of the 
multichip package SDRAM series will also continue, including the development of large-
capacity 512-Mbit models. 

Notes:1.MC-FBGA: Multi Chip Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array. A BGA (Ball Grid Array) is a type of 
        package in which solder balls are arranged in array form on the PCB surface as 
        input/output pins.
      2.CSP: Chip Size (or Scale) Package

< Typical Applications >
Buffer memory and main memory in portable digital products such as digital still cameras 
and PDAs

< Price in Japan > (For Reference)
Product Code            Sample Price (Yen)      
HM5212325FBPC           4,500                   

< Specifications >
Part Number                  HM5212325FBPC                                
Memory capacity              128 Mbits                                    
Bit configuration            x32                                         
Bank configuration           4 banks                                      
Operating voltage            3.3 ±0.3 V                                  
Operating speed              PC100 (CL3)                                  
Operating current            110 mA                                       
Standby current              4 mA                                         
Package                      JEDEC standard 90-pin BGA                    
Package dimensions           10.0 mm x 13.0 mm x 1.45 mm (max)          

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