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June 1, 2000
Hitachi Releases Large Capacity 64-Mbyte Flash MultiMediaCard
-Approximately one-hour music data recording capability-
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the HB288064MM 64-Mbytes flash MultiMediaCard(TM)*1,
for data recording in portable music players and similar products.  
Sample shipment will begin in July  2000 in Japan.  The HB288032MM 32-Mbyte model 
was also developed and volume production has begun in June in Japan.
Using popular compression technology, the 64-Mbyte model can record approximately 
one hour of music data, and the 32-Mbyte model approximately 30 minutes, offering 
extended recording times for portable music players and similar products.

Flash MultiMediaCards are the smallest class flash cards currently available, and 
are used for still-picture recording in digital still cameras, data recording in mobile 
phones (smart phones), music recording in portable music players, and similar applications.  
In the portable music player market, there is a strong demand for large-capacity MultiMediaCards
offering long recording times.

Hitachi currently produces a 16-Mbyte product to meet this demand, and has now 
developed two new MultiMediaCards with capacities of 64- and 32-Mbytes.
A MultiMediaCard consists of  flash memory and a controller.  These new products 
incorporate 0.25 m, 256-Mbit AND-type flash memory employing Hitachi's Multi-
Level Cell technology, and a cell-based IC with a SuperH(TM)*2 RISC microcomputer as 
the CPU core.  Employing Hitachi's mounting technology to stack two flash memory 
chips, the 64-Mbyte model offers the industry's largest capacity for a flash 

MultiMediaCard standardization is undertaken by the MultiMediaCard Association, and 
specifications are available to members in System Spec form.  These new products 
conform to System Spec Version 2.11.  As with the 16-Mbyte product, the overall 
product specifications have been formulated in collaboration with Infineon Technologies 
These new products achieve a read speed of 14-Mbit per second and a write speed of 3- 
Mbit per second, among the fastest in the industry, while operating on a low voltage of 
2.7 to 3.6 V.  As interface of card, both MultiMediaCard mode and SPI mode are 
supported, allowing the user to select the most appropriate interface method for a specific 
product system design.
Support tools for use when designing a system using MultiMediaCards are available from 
third-party suppliers, including driver, file manager, and other software*3, hardware such 
as an H8S microcomputer-based development platform, and also analytical tools such as 
a dedicated MultiMediaCard protocol analyzer*4 useful for signal measurement.
The future MultiMediaCard road map covers the development of 128-Mbyte large-
capacity cards using 512-Mbit flash memory, and large capacity Secure 
MultiMediaCards with content protection function.

Notes:	1. MultiMediaCard is a trademark of Infineon Technologies AG of Germany.
	2. SuperH is a trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
	3. Driver and file manager software is marketed by AI Corporation in Japan.
	4. An H8S microcomputer-based development platform and dedicated MultiMediaCard 
	   protocol analyzer are marketed by KOKUSAI ELECTRIC ALPHA Co.,LTD.

< Typical Applications >
Portable music players, toys, game machines, and similar portable entertainment products
Portable imaging products, including digital video cameras and digital still cameras
Palm-size PCs, electronic schedulers, and similar portable information devices
Smart phones, pagers, and similar portable communication products

< Prices in Japan > 

ProductName                 Capacity                 Price                 
HB288064MM                  64-Mbytes            Open price            
HB288032MM                  32-Mbytes                                      

< Specifications >

Item                         Specifications                                 
Memory capacity              64 Mbytes (HB288064MM), 32 Mbytes (HB288032MM) 
Interfaces                   MultiMediaCard                                 
                             SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)             
System performance           Read: 14-Mbit/sec typ. (multi-block read)     
                             Write: 3- Mbit /sec typ. (multi-block write)  
Power supply specifications  Operating voltage: 2.7 to 3.6 V                 
                             Read current: 40 mA                          
                             Write current: 40 mA                                           
Read/write specifications    512-byte block read/write                     
                             Multi-block read/write also possible           
Operating temperature        -25 to +85°C                                 
External dimensions         32 mm x 24 mm x 1.4 mm                          

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