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July 05, 2000
Hitachi Unveils, MSA New, High-Integration,
Compact 10Gbit/s Optic Transceiver
-Delivers Terabit Optic Network Systems and Large-Scale IP Router Network Systems Compatible with Spiraling Data Traffic-
Hitachi, Ltd.(TSE:6501) today announced its launch of a new 10 Gbit/s optic transceiver, 
Sample shipments will begin in September 2000 in Japan.. The new product is a compact, 
energy-efficient 10 G bit/s self-contained optic transceiver module that integrates 
multiple detached circuits optimized for the Internet age broad-bandwidth optic networks 
using DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) systems and network configuration 
using IP routers.

In March 2000 Hitachi concluded a multisourcing agreement (hereafter MSA) with Lucent 
Technologies and Alcatel Optronics for its 10 Gbit/s optic transceiver. The agreement 
mandates the development and merchandising of mutually compatible modules for use 
by all three parties. Hence, Hitachi's new transceiver is compatible with all three 

Through the merchandising of this new product, Hitachi, Ltd. will contribute to 
the standardization of 10 Gbit/s optic transmission modules, demand for which is 
expected to grow rapidly.

In 1995, Hitachi, Ltd. led the industry in developing and mass-producing 10 Gbit/s 
optic transmission modules and has held the lead ever since. To fulfill the needs for 
further high integration, compactness, and energy efficiency, the Company established 
direct modulation lasers and silicon germanium IC technology, with which it brought 
to market this new 10 Gbit/s optic transceiver.

The product is a self-contained optic transceiver module based on the parameters 
stipulated in the MSA. Its optic transmissions are compatible with both 12km and 40km 
transmissions and comply with the international standards of the ITU (International 
Telecommunications Union), SONET (Synchronous Optical Network), OC-192, SR-1, 
and LR-2. A low-priced 2km and a long distance 80km version are also being planned 
for future release. The 300-pin-connected electric interface is compatible with Lucent 
Technologies' and Alcatel Optronics' products in terms of pin positioning, signal 
standards, and function. Moreover, the details of the electric interface are based 
on the OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) standards.

The new product integrates multiplex transmission circuits, clock generation ciruits, 
detached reception circuits, and optic transceiver circuits in a compact 89mm x 114mm 
x 18mm module case. To achieve this, a high-speed, low-power-consumption silicon 
germanium IC was utilized. Also, in the transmission section, a newly developed 
1310nm direct modulation DFB (distributed feedback) laser module is employed for 
12km transmissions, and a 1550nm laser module is employed for 40km transmissions. 
Hence, the product delivers compactness and low-power consumption and is perfectly 
suited for broad-bandwidth optic and IP router network development.

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