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August 24, 2000
Hitachi Releases Industry's First 12-Mbit Low-Power SRAM
- 12-Mbit/8-Mbit SRAM lineup for mobile phones and
portable information terminals, offering low-voltage/low-current operation and fast access -
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the industry's first 12-Mbit low-power 
SRAM, the HM62V16768MI Series, for use in  mobile phones and portable information 
terminals.  Sample shipments will begin in November 2000 in Japan.  This new series 
supports high-density mounting and offers high-speed access at a low voltage, with 
an access time of 70 ns at 2.2 V (min.) operation.

At the same time, Hitachi announced 8-Mbit low-power SRAMs-the HM62V16512MI 
Series, featuring a 55/70 ns access time at 2.2 V (min.) operation, with sample 
shipments starting in September of this year in Japan, and the HM62A16512MI Series, 
featuring a 70 ns access time at 1.65 V (min.) operation, with sample shipments 
starting in December in Japan.  These three series use a 6.5 mm x 9.8 mm 48-pin CSP 
(Chip Scale Package)-the world's smallest class of package for 8-Mbit SRAM- that 
enables portable products to be made smaller and lighter.

With the rapidly increasing sophistication of mobile phone functions, there is a 
growing need for the SRAMs used for work memory, phone number lists, and image data 
storage in these products to achieve lower-voltage operation, lower current dissipation, 
and higher speed to keep pace with lower system voltages, while at the same time 
offering larger capacities than the current 4-Mbits together with higher mounting 

To meet these needs, Hitachi has developed a range of 12-Mbit/8-Mbit low-power 
SRAMs for use in mobile phones and portable information terminals.

The 12-Mbit low-power SRAM employs chip stacking technology to stack a 4-Mbit and 
an 8-Mbit low-power-consumption SRAM chip in a 48-pin CSP package.  With a package 
size of  6.5 mm x 9.8 mm, this package can be mounted in the same area as an 8-Mbit 
SRAM, enabling portable information terminals, with their need for large memory 
capacity, to be kept small.  The pin arrangement retains 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit upward
-compatibility, and the 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit chips can be controlled independently, 
allowing the SRAM to be used in a variety of ways.

The configuration is 768 kwords x 16 bits, and low-voltage, high-speed access is 
achieved, with an access time of 70 ns at 2.2 V (min.) operation.  

Using a 512 kword x 16-bit configuration and a 0.18 µm CMOS process, and employing 
circuit design techniques, the 8-Mbit low-power SRAMs offer low-voltage, high-speed 
operation of 55/70 ns at 2.2 V to 3.3 V (HM62V16512MI Series) or 70 ns at 1.65 V to 
2.2 V (HM62A16512MI Series).  Low-current operation is also achieved, with an 
operating current of 25 mA (max.) at 70 ns and a data retention current 
of 0.6 µA (typ.)/6.0 µA (max.), enabling data to be retained for long periods 
on battery backup in portable information devices and similar products.

The package used is a 6.5 mm x 9.8 mm 48-pin CSP-the world's smallest package 
class for 8-Mbit SRAM-for smaller, lighter system products.

Future plans include the development of low-power SRAMs offering even larger

< Typical Applications >

 Mobile phones
 Portable information terminals

< Prices in Japan > (For Reference)
CapacityProduct CodeSample
Power Supply
Access TimePackage
12 MbitsHM62V16768
5,0002.2 V to 3.3 V70 nsCSP 48
8 MbitsHM62V16512
3,5002.2 V to 3.3 V55 ns
3,30070 ns
3,5001.65 V to 2.2 V

< Specifications >
Capacity12 Mbits8 Mbits8 Mbits
Product codeHM62V16768MLBPIHM62V16512MLBPIHM62A16512MLBPI
Bit configuration768 kwords x 16 bits512 kwords x 16 bits512 kwords x 16 bits
Power supply voltage
2.2 V to 3.3 V2.2 V to 3.3 V1.65 V to 2.2 V
Access time (tAA)70 ns max.55/70 ns max.70 ns max.
Average operating
current (ICC1)
25 mA max.35/25 mA max.25 mA max.
Standby current
12 µA max. / 4M bit
25 µA max. / 8M bit
25 µA max.20 µA max.
Data retention current
12 µA max. (3V)/ 4M bit
25 µA max. (3V)/ 8M bit
6 µA max. (1.2V)6 µA max. (1.2V)
Operating temperature-40 to 85 °C-40 to 85 °C-40 to 85 °C
PackageCSP 48CSP 48CSP 48

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