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September 7, 2000
Hitachi Broadens Platform Solutions with full-scale Support of Linux
-in Major Products from Mainframes to mobile equipment-
In order to broaden platform solutions, Hitachi, Ltd.(TSE:6501) today announced 
full-scale support of Linux *1 in addition to UNIX, Windows NT(R) and Windows(R) 2000
,and concurrently, the support of Linux in major products, from mainframes to mobile 
equipment.  Additionally, in order to support Linux applications in mission critical 
systems requiring high reliability and high availability, Hitachi will release "C/S 
Advanced Support Service for Linux" which includes state-of-the-art, system operation 
support and preventive maintenance , 365 days a year, round-the-clock. 
This support service will be sold beginning September 11.

The following main measures have been taken to facilitate the expansion of platform 

(1) Full-Scale Support of Linux on major products from mainframes to mobile equipment
Hitachi will continue to support Linux on mainframe "MP series", IA64 servers which 
adopt Intel Corporation's 64 bit architecture, UNIX server "HITACHI 9000 V series", 
PC server "HA8000 series", PC "FLORA series" and mobile equipment.

(2) "C/S Advanced Support Service for Linux" which Supports the Operation of 
Linux Systems
As Hitachi adopts full-scale Linux on our hardware products, we will begin offering 
"C/S Advanced Support Service for Linux" which supports mission critical operations
with 365 days, round-the-clock system operation support, more than three years of 
long-term maintenance, and once-a-year preventive maintenance.

(3) Broadening Internet Appliance Server Lineup
As a family product to the Internet appliance server "HA8000-ie/InterStation", which 
was introduced in November, 1999, Hitachiintroduces an "Internet all-in-server 
Solution", packaged with a Japanese version of "Turbo Linux Server 6.1", the latest 
server OS of Turbo Linux Japan, Inc., Hitachi's advanced server "HA8000/30", 
a router, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and network setting service. 

(4) Support Hitachi's Open Middleware on Linux
Hitachi's main open middleware will begin to support Linux..

(5) "Linux Development Support Technical Service" which Supports Application 
Development on Linux
Hitachi will begin marketing "Linux Development Support Technical Service" which 
supportsthe porting of Linux on existing systems and allows development of 
application programs on Linux.

Hitachi will continue to be actively involved in  the evolution of Linux, such as  
supportfor  Linux community activities and the introduction of users' Linux systems.

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