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September 26, 2000
Hitachi to Set Up Liquid Crystal Display Module Assembly Production Company in China
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that it is to establish a company 
in China for the assembly production of TFT and color STN liquid crystal 
display modules.

Named Hitachi Display Device (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the new company will have a 
capitalization of US$15 million and represent a total investment of approximately 
US$28 million. The facility will be located in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial 
Park, Jiangsu province.

The market for color STN liquid crystal displays for mobile telephones and TFT liquid 
crystal displays is expected to continue to grow. At the same time, price competition 
is expected to become increasingly fierce.

This being the case, Hitachi decided to establish a liquid crystal display module 
assembly production plant in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu 
province, in China in order to expand production capacity, strengthen price 
competitiveness and respond to the anticipated expansion of the market in China. 

Outline of the New Company
Name:            Hitachi Display Device (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Location:        China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou city, China
Establishment:   Scheduled for October 2000
Chairman:        Fumiaki Yonai
General Manager: Hajime Nakamura
Capital:         US$15 million 
Capital ratio:   Hitachi, Ltd.: 75%, Hitachi (China), Ltd.: 10%, 
                 Hitachi Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.: 15%
Investment:      Approximately US$28 million
Business:        Production of flat panel display products
Production capacity:
      TFT liquid crystal displays: 75,000 units/month
      Color STN liquid crystal displays for mobile telephones: 1 million units/month
Start of production: Scheduled for October 2001
Employees:       At full production, around 900

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